Still images from the DVD. This DVD contains seated exercises at three levels of challenge:

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Urban Chi Download
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In Alexander lessons students learn how to use the most appropriate amount of effort in different activities as well as learning how to use their bodies more efficiently. This gives them the opportunity to maximise the potential of everything they do.

The Technique has proved to be an extraordinarily effective way of relieving stress-related conditions such as backache, depression and migraine. Athletes and performers all over the world have used it to improve their stamina and skill. The long term benefits derived from the Alexander Technique can significantly improve the quality of attention, co-ordination and physical responsiveness. The Alexander teacher uses gentle manual guidance to encourage the student's muscles to relax. The students are also taught how to continue this process independently.

About Frederick Mathias Alexander

As a young man, Frederick Mathias Alexander developed vocal problems when acting. This led to loss of voice during performance. At that time doctors were not able to help him so he set out to figure out for himself what he was doing which interfered with his vocal capacity.

Over the next few years he observed his own actions, especially when reciting. He observed that certain characteristic habitual patterns of use, which he had in everyday life, were amplified when he recited. With the use of mirrors, he began to scrutinise his habitual ways of doing things and in the process he came to realise how the mechanics of the body work. His next task was to inhibit his habitual patterns and introduce more appropriate ways of operating.

As Alexander applied what he had discovered his vocal problem disappeared. He became more successful with acting and this led other people to ask for voice production lessons.

At this stage he was using his hands to correct people's postures and as time went on he was asked if he could teach others to use their hands so they could do what he could do. This led to the very first 3-year training course being set up in London to become an Alexander Technique teacher. Since then the Alexander Technique has become incredibly popular, with training schools all over the world teaching this unique form of psychophysical re-education.

Glyn Williams, a qualifed teacher of the Alexander Technique, has been teaching since 1984 applying the techniques to a wide range of professional activities. He teaches professional and non-professional clients from all walks of life. He has featured in both radio and television programmes in connection with his work.

The Alexander Technique is excellent for stress management. For further information and consultations email Glyn.

The Alexander Technique helps us take a fresh look at the way we think and move in our work and leisure activities. Whatever we do, or would like to do, can be improved by better balance and co-ordination. The fast pace at which we live places demands on our minds and bodies which often result in over-contracted muscles and distorted postures. Additionally, a basic lack of understanding of how the body works can result in its inadvertent misuse.

How well we function physically depends on the smooth running of our muscular system. Tension, whether physical or mental, prevents us from doing our best. Patterns of muscular misuse can be developed in the body which, with constant repetition, become habitual. Being aware of how the 'muscular stretches' in the body work can reduce the negative effects created by wear and tear.