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Seated exercises to do sitting at your desk
Still images from the DVD. This DVD contains seated exercises at three levels of challenge:

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If you have started with seated exercises you will probably feel the need to involve the legs in your exercise workout, if at all possible. The Chi Kung traditions have a unique approach to the role of the legs in exercise.

As the legs are a large muscle group, emphasising them while exercising will have a more profound effect on your whole body.

The human body increases its capacity for strength and movement  in relation to the demand placed on it. Gentle ever-increasing demands will increase your strength and capacity over time. Lack of exercise can lead to thinning and weakening of the bones. In the Chinese approach to fitness, the legs are a very important element. The emphasis is on keeping the legs active and strong.
In Chi Kung the exercises are done with the knees bent. This places a greater demand on the legs. Exercising with the legs bent has the effect of deepening your breathing and increasing your circulation, yet without speeding up your breath. In turn this helps to calm the mind and relax the body even further.

How we breathe has a profound effect on how we feel. Improving our breathing capacity can increase our stamina and encourage us to feel more energetic. Physical exercise encourages more efficient breathing as the demand on the muscles increases the intake of oxygen.
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The constant slow motion shifting of weight from leg to leg in Chi Kung is an efficient form of exercise, as it slowly increases the demand on the legs. As the legs get stronger, the torso relaxes more, facilitating even more efficient breathing. These exercises are ideal health exercises as they are moderate and slow; they are always replenishing the body’s reserves. The benefits of regular practice include an increase in the body’s ability to resist illness and its resilience in relation to the external environment. Anyone can maintain a reasonable level of fitness from practising these exercises. Age is no barrier to maintaining good physical condition. The movements being soft, gentle and slow make them suitable for everyone, young and old.
This DVD gives you an introduction to Chi Kung. These Chinese health exercises are designed to increase your energy reserves. All the exercises on the DVD are easy to do. They place a gentle and constant demand on the body. This demand over time will increase strength, stamina and endurance as well as energy levels. As you gain strength over time, you will be able to increase the length of your practice sessions.

56 minutes long, this DVD contains over 20 exercises to follow along.

You can purchase this DVD (Region 2 - UK and Europe - or Mulit-Region DVD Player compatible) for £14.99 with FREE p&p.
This DVD helps you develop your Chi Kung exericse practice further. It contains fewer exercises than the Chi Kung DVD above, but each exercise lasts longer.

56 minutes long, this DVD contains 16 exercises to follow along.

You can purchase this DVD (Region 2, UK and Europe or Mulit-Region DVD Player compatible) for £14.99 with FREE p&p.
This DVD demonstrates Pa Tuan Chin stretching exercises to follow along with. The exercises have an interesting mix of stretching and energy building within the same movements. They are some of the oldest recorded exercises to originate from China.

You can purchase this DVD (Region 2, UK and Europe or Mulit-Region DVD Player compatible) for £14.99 with FREE p&p.
The Tai Chi Chih (Ruler) System of energy cultivation is a unique form of exercise. The Ruler System is excellent for calming the mind and relaxing the body. It develops well being and increases energy levels.

The Ruler System is practised with the use of a wooden Tai Chi Ruler, as shown below.

These exercises are suitable for people of all ages as well as for those with special needs such as stroke recovery and accident rehabilitation.
The form of exercise shown on this DVD is a unique system of Chi Kung which contains stretching, warming up, standing and circulating exercises done with the Ruler, as well as open hand exercises.

You can purchase this DVD (Region 2, UK and Europe or Mulit-Region DVD Player compatible) for £14.99 with FREE p&p.
The Ruler is made from ash and is beautifully shaped by a master craftsman. The nature of the Ruler exercises make them suitable for young or old, male or female. The history of the Ruler goes back in time a very long way and is seen as a powerful way to develop and circulate energy. There are varied set exercises, which are moving and static (shown in the Tai Chi Ruler DVD, above). Often people just like to sit, or stand with the knees bent, feet parallel, shoulder width, with the Ruler between the palms of their hands and just observe the gentle flow of energy through their body and the Ruler.

It helps balance the flow of energy between both sides of the body, as it facilitates a sense of calm and peacefulness without one having to do anything.

You can purchase a T'ai Chi Ruler (made from natural ash wood) for £35.00 with FREE p&p.
People are living longer. At no point in history, apparently, have there been so many elderly people as a result of the improved quality of life. This is why maintaining physical well being is so important. It has been discovered that through physical exercise one’s capacity can be maintained. A certain degree of physical motion is needed to maintain capacity, and more needed to expand our capacity. The great advantage of exercise such as Chi Kung and Tai chi is that their slow rhythmic movements enable people of all ages to improve their physical condition.
The Tai chi form shown on this video is the 37 posture Cheng Man-Ch'ing Short Form. Professor Cheng, one of the 20th Century's foremost teachers refined the form in order to get the most from its health aspect.

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In this book, Glyn Williams takes you through easy to perform Chi Kung exercises and the Cheng Man-Ch'ing 37 posture Tai chi short form. With over 230 pictures detailing the varoius forms he explains the history, theory and benefits of these unique Oriental Arts.

168 pages.

You can purchase this book for £14.99 with FREE p&p.
In China the practice of Tai chi and Chi Kung is encouraged as a way of coping with everyday life. These arts are seen as valuable assets to effective behaviour. Tai Chi Chuan was developed as a martial art. Today it is practised throughout the world mainly as a health exercise. As a form of exercise it recharges the body’s reserves of energy. It is often referred to as moving meditation. This is reflected in its even, gentle character. Tai chi is a potent tool for eliminating excess stress as it helps to restore the body’s equilibrium. Practising its gentle, slow and graceful movements increases energy and helps to build a healthy and sound body.
Sitting down exercises are often ignored in training circles and those people who would really benefit from these types of exercises suffer. The elderly and chair bound have less choice of exercise routines to take part in. Generally there are fewer tailored workout routines specifically designed for them. Our seated exercises are specifically designed for people who may be older and those who spend a large amount of time seated due to specific physical conditions or those whose work requires them to remain seated for hours on end. By exercising the arms and upper torso the whole body begins to become stronger. Breathing gets stronger, stamina and endurance improve.
Seated Chi Kung Exercises for health and wellbeing. This collection of seated exercises has been compiled to encourage increased mobility and flexibility in people who are older, chair bound or those who spend a large proportion of their time sitting down at work.

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